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Outdoor Classroom

Outdoor Classroom Curriculum

This incredible, one of a kind program connects children with nature to help create nurturing, nature based outdoor spaces.

Gardening Area provides an opportunity for children to interact with natural vegetation and connects them to the wonders of nature. They learn about natural resources and seasons, developing observational skills.

Climbing & Crawling Area helps children develop feelings of body competence with log steps and natural balance beam. It ignites imagination on the playground, minimizing stress, maintaining a better concentration in class.

Messy Materials Area encourages children to experiment with natural objects, practice carrying heavy materials and feel a sense of accomplishment. Children use their imaginations with wood chips where they can dig and explore.

Nature Art Area children work with natural materials like pine cones, flowers and leafs. It develops a deep appreciation for the beauty of our natural world; strengthening their observation skills.

Building Area inspires children to build and experiment with blocks strengthening mathematical and abstract thinking in a setting where space and noise from falling blocks is unlimited.

Music and Movement Area helps develop coordination, multiple movements, listening skills and perform difficult motions.

Picnic Area offers the ability to introduce concepts from other areas of study, such as math, science, literacy, language, nutrition, cognitive development and self-esteem.

Sand and Water Area gives children the opportunity to explore, experiment, observe and manipulate while increasing their fine/gross motor, hand and eye coordination, math, science and communicational skills.

Mud Area is a natural play space that offers children an exclusive opportunity to reconnect with nature.

Bicycle Area leads children to develop skills and knowledge towards an active, healthy lifestyle; placing the child on a path to a lifetime of movement and health.

Gathering Area provides a place to share new discoveries and hold special events.