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Beginning the Year

Exploring The Topic


Planning carefully for the first few days of school can ease transitions and help children feel more comfortable and secure.  If we can anticipate their needs, we'll be better prepared to plan for their arrival and support them successfully. 

Some children with prior experience in group settings may have learned the skills needed to be members of a classroom community.  For other children, preschool may be their first experience away from home or in a group.


Focus Questions

Focus Question 1

  • What names do we need to know at school?

Focus Question 2

  • What should we do if we get sad or scared at school?

Focus Question 3

  • What are our rules?

Focus Question 4

  • When do things happen at school?

Focus Question 5

  • Who works at our school?

Focus Question 6

  • How do we make and keep friends? How can we be part of a group?
Beginning the Year